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Welcome to the Hellmouth

Let's get this show on the road... I'm thinking the best way to handle things is to have an entry per episode, at least to start with.

First up would be "Welcome to the Hellmouth." Everyone is so young! Buffy is all round cheeked. Darla is oddly ineffective. Angel is all mysterious and reluctant to get involved. The Master looks like he has fruit-punch mouth.

So, post your thoughts or even just link to an entry on your own LJ, and don't worry about spoilers for the rest of the series... the assumption is that we've all seen the whole series (both BtVS and AtS).
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Yeah. Whenever I see this one, I always think "What sweet, baby-fat cheeks Buffy has!" It helped to drive home the point that she was just a girl charged with such a huge task.
How do we post as an entry, not as a comment?


January 29 2008, 01:32:10 UTC 12 years ago Edited:  January 29 2008, 01:38:08 UTC

I ask because long entries aren't allowed as comments, but I'll try to link to my own lj.... Can that be done as a hyperlink? Anaross on Buffy 1.1
That works! I was just thinking it would cut down on clutter to have only one entry per episode... but we can change that if it gets to be too unwieldy or just plain annoying.
Probably best to just invite people to post their commentary if they have long form complete reviews and leave comments otherwise.
I've changed the settings so that members can post reviews... otherwise it probably will get a bit confused and convoluted!
I've been thinking about re-watching Buffy from the beginning - I'm so glad I'm here :)
And those skirts! So short!
We're going to need a tagging system for each episode so that it's easy to find reviews/commentary/discussion. Otherwise it'll get frustrating really fast.

Thanks for setting up the community though. I hope it gets a lot of traffic. :)
Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't thought of that! I've added tags for the first two seasons' episodes and I'll look at putting in the rest later.

I've never had a reason to manage a community before so I really have no idea what can be done with them -- the poll that just went up is actually the very first poll I've ever created. Not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be!


12 years ago

How do we post an entry rather than a comment?

I'm starting to watch Harvest.
From the community info page... there's a bar toward the top of the page that should have the pencil icon (it will say "post to buffy_rewind" when you hover your cursor over it). I've also added tags for all the episodes in the first two seasons.

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When I watched it first,back in the stone age, I was full of expectations and I didn't really like it. Bubblegum Buffy was too silly, Giles was ridiculous. I was seeing it dubbed in italian. You cannot imagine how different it is listening to a coherent dialog in English, and the beginning with the role reversal is really juicy. Still, the characters in general are not in their right shape, and in fact in the comment Whedon says that they had to adjust her looks and behaviour, even redoing scenes afterward. The show was so much better by second season! But these early episodes have a tenderness factor to them.
I re-watched Welcome to the Hellmouth last week. My not very coherent thoughts here