The Harvest

First off, apologies for not getting the ball rolling here sooner. I'm afraid it's a side effect of starting a new project in real life... the fun stuff tends to get put on the back burner, even if that isn't the intention. It looks like the overwhelming majority of people have voted for two new episodes a week. Obviously, we're already a bit behind (assuming most of you have been watching even without any posts here). So, I'm planning on zipping through the next few episodes to get back on track, posting for "The Harvest" today, "Witch" tomorrow, then reaching where we should be with "Teacher's Pet" on Tuesday. After that, I figure we can move to new episodes on Tuesdays and Saturdays (which gives plenty of time for everyone to get caught up on weekends, if need be).

Now, on with the show!


Viewing Schedule

Wow! I wasn't quite expecting this many people to be interested! Welcome everyone!

I guess this is probably a good time to ask an all important question:

Poll #1129630 Viewing Schedule

How many episodes should we watch each week?


Although the nice thing about this sort of community is that if you can't quite keep up for some reason, you can still participate!

I'll also look at setting some tags to help keep track of episode entries.
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Welcome to the Hellmouth

Let's get this show on the road... I'm thinking the best way to handle things is to have an entry per episode, at least to start with.

First up would be "Welcome to the Hellmouth." Everyone is so young! Buffy is all round cheeked. Darla is oddly ineffective. Angel is all mysterious and reluctant to get involved. The Master looks like he has fruit-punch mouth.

So, post your thoughts or even just link to an entry on your own LJ, and don't worry about spoilers for the rest of the series... the assumption is that we've all seen the whole series (both BtVS and AtS).
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